When we are searching for “clean up PC” or “speed up PC”, Google would show us some ads about PC Tuneup utilities. Since we try to clean and speed up PC, is it necessary to download one more software to take up the memory space, or is it putting the PC speed at risk?

Actually, PC Tuneup is a comprehensive maintenance of PC, which includes help manage, maintain, optimize, configure and troubleshoot a computer system. Usually, a PC Tuneup utility contains at least 20 functional components like scanning and repairing problematic Windows Registry, defragging hard drive and freeing up disk space by sorting out and deleting useless and duplicated files.

Therefore, a qualified PC Tuneup utility is not just cleaning and speeding up a PC. At Neptune SystemCare 2017 Free, you can not only get a speeded-up PC but a brand new PC performance.

PC Checkup

PC Checkup is one of the users’ most favorite functions of Neptune SystemCare 2017. With only one click, almost all the PC problems are done. It provides the comprehensive scan of your PC and lists all the privacy risks, security projects issues, useless files, invalid registry entries, and privacy related issues and whatever slows down your PC and threatens your privacy.

You can click Fix after you see the PC report.

System Cleaner

System Cleaner removes useless registry entries, duplicate windows files, and cleans up junk files for better speed and effective operations. Also, you can choose to check and clean the suspect files for saving seconds.

There are four utilities in the free version and you can make the best use of it. All of them focus on their own field. If you have a specific cleaning target, choose this tab.

System Tuneup

This tab is the closest to PC Tuneup and it is the sharpest part of Neptune SystemCare 2017. It adopts innovative technologies to reach the pure performance, stabilize the system, defrag Windows registry and hard drive, and disable applications running silently. It is the best utility to help your slow PCs.

Privacy Protector

It incorporates tools and features to prevent data scoop and shred the files for good and block password breaking via Password Generator. The Premier version gets more privacy protection by erasing all the traces of any computer operation and more.

System Monitor

It closely monitors active process and hardware, and displays in list clearly for your information. It works as Task Manager but with bonus features to ensure system stability when the unknown program runs.

We bet you have already get that PC Tuneup is not just cleaning up and speeding up your PC, but digging deep into your PC including system and software, fixing the troubled area and optimizing the PC.