Though the number of computer users with the newest version operation system, Windows 10, soars skyward, many of them do not know, or even hear about the registry, not mention knowing the problems of a damaged one. Hence, most of us use Windows 10 computer without cleaning the registry.

The registry stores all essential settings and programs instruction that the operating system follows, and because of that, the computer will be at a slower pace even with the newest Windows 10 if massive registry entries clog. To get the computer running smooth, we would better to learn how to clean Windows 10’s registry, safely, of course.

Use Windows 10’s cleaning tool

We can get the registry of Windows 10 clean with its own tool. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

Take Disk C:/ for example.

->Press Windows+e to open This PC, find the disk C:/ and right click.

->Click Properties, find General tab, and hit Disk Cleanup button.

Yes, we do not see the word registry, yetthis tool would clean up system error memory dump files, including the registryentries.

After what we do above, we can reboot the Windows to see if the computer runs smoother.

Use a professional PC clean tool

Most of the free PC clean tools have the registry cleaner, take Neptune SystemCare 2017 for instance.

->Run the program, find System Clean tab and Registry Cleaner, and click Scan.

->After we get the report list in a few seconds below, click Clean.

Through the steps above, we might find thatusing a professional software tool is a lot easier. It is up to us to usewhich. The self-clean tool cleans out some dump that other software could notfind, so does other software. Absolutely, we can take advantage of their meritsboth to safely clean Windows 10’s registry.