With fascinating countermeasures to ensure security and brilliant smooth performance, Mac has become more and more popular these days, and as a result, malware has started to target Mac more frequently.

Macs do have some integrated protection mechanism against malware, but it isn’t superb. To remove and prevent malware from your Mac, this article will go through the steps to remove malware from your Mac for free and something you need to know about malware so that you could avoid it in the future.

What is Malware on Mac?

In fact, malware is short for malicious software, which tries to infect your devices to collect your personal information like bank details and passwords for benefits. A malware-infected could stop you from accessing your Mac. And here’re some of the tell-tale signs.

->A sudden drop in Mac’s performance or frequent freezes.

->Pages that you visit are filled with ads.

->Unexpected Mac restarts or apps starting for no reason.

->Your browser installs suspicious updates automatically.

Lots of malware would be disguised as any kind of programs. Therefore, to safeguard your privacy and money, it is vital to remove Malware from Mac.

How to remove Malware from Mac

Assuming you get a hint from the ads-everywhere webpages that you have malicious software on your Mac, here’s what you should do:

1. Exit the web browser by right-clicking on the icon of the browser and choosing Quit.

2. Go to your Downloads folder and drag any install files or the files that you don't recognize into the Trash.

3. Right-click on trash and choose Empty Trash.

If you suspect that malware has already installed on your Mac, follow our steps below:

1. If the suspicious app is open now, close the app and then press Command+Shift+U to open Utilities Folder.

2. Open Activity Monitor, select All Processes tab and then look for the name of the doubtful app, or an app that you don't recognize and click Quit Process.

3. Open the Applications folder and locate the app you just Quit Process for. Drag the unwanted app to the Trash.

4. Empty the Trash.

 The processes are pretty much the same. Quit the suspicious apps, find them and trash them. Empty the trash at last.

How to prevent your Man from malware as much as possible

Follow the tips below to keep your Mac safe from malware.

1. Keep your Mac OS update. Go to the App Store app and click Update All every time new versions come out. Also, you could turn on automatic updates. Go to System Preferences and click App Store. Now select the option Automatically Check for Updates. Make sure both Install macOS Updates and Install System Data Files and Security Updates are also both selected.

3. Download any software from the Mac App Store or from developers you know and trust.

4. Install antivirus or anti-malware software to remove malware from Mac, like Bitdefender and Malwarebytes.