Absolutely, the first half year of the Windows PC gives us the best experience — less than 10 seconds boot time and shut down, fast network and browsing, big C drive memory and a lot of fun programs. After that, the PC performance declines and the battery life seem shorter. If you try to keep your Windows PC running faster by open one program at a time or delete almost every program for entertainment, that’s just stupid. You should use a tuneup utility to maintain your PC and make it run faster and longer.

A tuneup utility is usually designed to help manage, maintain, optimize, configure and troubleshoot a computer system, and the verbs are not made up. And you can barely see the things it does for your Windows:

-deep digs and scans the potential issues which might cause real problems

-reduces the impacts on the PC performance from draining programs

-cleans and defrags registry to sweep off the system errors

-checks up and defrags hard drive to free up more space and memory

-configures startup items to speed up boot time

-clears browsing history and add-ons

-monitors CPU and programs in the background at real time to avoid slowness

-optimizes network speed

If you try to do the things overall, it takes hours at least. Use Neptune SystemCare Ultimate can save you a lot of time, which just need a few clicks for regular maintenance to keep your Windows PC running faster and longer. Let’s see the details.

1. One-click PC Checkup

Help you find potential system issues, fix them and optimize the basic items with just one click.

2. System Cleaner

In this tab, Registry Cleaner is for cleaning up the registry. You can use Advanced Cleaner to clean and free up more hard disk space, and use the common cleaner as a routine to erase files and traces including Internet Browsing history in your Windows PC.

3. System Tuneup

You really should make the most of this section. System Optimizer is a comprehensive function to accelerate Startup and Shutdown, stabilize the system, speed up system and network. You can select to tuneup all the items by checking the box Select All at the bottom.

As for Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag and Startup Manager, they are subdivisions for system optimization, more detailed and delicate. You can do it when you try to speed up your boot time really hard.

4. Privacy Protector

It can help you with both local and online potential privacy risks by removing the traces on the Internet and local files. Also, password generator here can create the strong password which is the first wall to secure your privacy.

5. System Monitor

This is a Task Manager, displaying easier-understanding interface than what you have in Microsoft. All you need to do is to decide and end the processes taking up the CPU when your PC is extremely slow.

With the features and functions mentioned above, Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is certainly your first choice of tuneup utility, compared to those that only have limited functions and constant ads. It helps your Windows PC to run with a perfect performance and a longer lifespan.