One-click PC Checkup

Computer freezes and crashes frequently when your system is cluttered by invalid registry entries, useless programs data, driver fragments. The one-click PC checkup can help you find and fix the problems slowing down your PC performance.

Advanced Cleaner and Boost

The junk files, registries entries and big but useless files occupy disk space and cause the bumpy responses to your computer. The system cleaner and tuneup can identify and clean them to free up more space and speed up your computer.

Powerful Password Generator

Simple password with numbers, like birth date will be easily cracked by hijackers and bring you privacy risks. The password generator can automatically generate strongest and most secure random passwords to protect your privacy online.

Upgrade to Neptune SystemCare Premier version for top PC performance

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Permier version

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Faster Computer

One-click to check up and clean the problems slowing down your Computer.

More Stable Computer

Clean registry, fix registry errors and entries to make your PC more stable.

Stronger Password Generator

Check existed passwords safety and generate stronger passwords to keep them secure from the hijackers.

Real-time Protection

Stop unwanted applications changing your default browser and startup settings.

Powerful System Monitoring

Search and stop the unnecessary processes to make PC run more smoothly.

Secure File Shredder

Empty Recycle Bin and permanently delete sensitive documents to secure your data.

Big Files Manager

Scan and delete useless big files regularly to release more disk space.

Boot Time Optimizer

Manage the programs you want to launch automatically on PC Startup in one-click.

Easier Right-click Manager

Identify and stop the unwanted programs and processes running on your context menu.

Automatic Update

Manage the programs you want to launch automatically on PC Startup in one-click.

Free Download UPGRADE   |   $19.99