Faster Context Menu Manager

Some programs and application sneak on the right-click menu without any notice or choice to you. Context Menu manage function helps you fast disable and enable the random application shortcuts from your right-click menu.

Real-time PC Protection

The unwanted applications will silently change your Internet Explorer home page, add unwanted processes into the Windows startup, and change your default browser without your permission. The Real-time scanning can identify and stop the applications and processes attempting to modify your computer and change the Windows registry.

Better Surfing Protection

The history of viewed images, pages, videos and movies when you are surfing online, are under the danger of the prying eyes. The privacy eraser can help you remove all the traces such as download and browsing history, cookies and caches, etc. and keep your online privacy confidential.

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Faster Computer

One-click to check up and clean the problems slowing down your Computer.

More Stable Computer

Clean registry, fix registry errors and entries to make your PC more stable.

Real-time Protection

Stop unwanted applications changing your default browser and startup settings.

Stronger Password Generator

Check existed passwords safety and generate stronger passwords to keep them secure from the hijackers.

Powerful System Monitoring

Search and stop the unnecessary processes to make PC run more smoothly.

Safer Surfing and Browsing

Erase your browser search history and cookies to keep your internet privacy confidential and identity anonymous.

Valid for 7 days

Big Files Manager

Scan and delete useless big files regularly to release more disk space.

Valid for 7 days

Faster StartupBrowsing

Manage the programs you want to launch automatically on PC Startup in one-click.

Valid for 7 days

Easier Right-click Manager

Identify and stop the unwanted programs and processes running on your context menu.

Valid for 7 days

Automatic Update

Manage the programs you want to launch automatically on PC Startup in one-click.

Valid for 7 days

Premium Support

Free 24h/7d tech support

Valid for 7 days
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