Does the registry actually affect Windows 7 speed, making it boot faster and running quicker? We will find out the answer after we get knowledge of what registry is.

The Windows 7 registry is a repository for a numerous collection of details about your computer, where programs are stored. It is the listing of your Start menu shortcuts and the pointer to the program. In other words, everything you do in Windows is recorded in the registry. Therefore, it is of great importance for the computer running speed to manage the registry. Among all the operations, scanning and fixing are the most significant for Window 7 registry. Here are some easiest ways to get a health registry.

Scanreg – Windows command prompt

Don’t be panic about the phrase above. A step-by-step tutorial is about to present. This is a tool provided by Windows to scan Windows 7 registry for any corruption and deleted entries. Notice that it would better to have the registry backup, just in case. (See How do I get my Windows PC its own registry cleaner?)

It is simple to use and only requires a few steps.

->Click the Widows Start button and select Run.

->Enter cmd into the text box and press OK.

-> Type scanreg or autorun into the command prompt and press Enter.

-> Type scanreg or fix to fix any corrupted entries even if no backup exists.

If you believe that scanreg tool is not strong or easy enough, choose a safest and easiest PC utility to do that. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is widely recommended. It supports up to 3 Windows PCs and helps them get the Windows registry scanned and fixed. With only one click, a clean Windows registry booms. There is no doubt that it is the easiest way to scan and fix the registry of Windows 7.