Windows users would face 0xc00007b error at least once in life, “The application was unable to start correctly” with an error code (0xc000007b). This error message pops up when you are trying to open an application on Windows.

You can try the methods below, most of which are simple and see if they can help you to fix this error.

Method 1 Restart your computer

There can be something tiny that goes wrong in your system when you see 0xc00007b error. Restarting Windows could fix the problem simply.

Method 2 Run the application with Admin rights

Running your application as administrator may help you in fixing this error.

1. Right-click on the application you want to open and choose Properties.

2. Go to Compatibility tab and check the box says Run this program as an administrator. Click OK and wait for the result.

Method 3 Reinstall Microsoft .NET framework

In most cases, it's Microsoft .NET framework causing the problem. This could be fixed by downloading and installing the latest version of .NET Framework from Microsoft (

Method 4 Reinstall your application

Sometimes the application you want to run may contain some files that has corrupted. Reintalling it could be simple but effective this time.

Method 5 Run SystemCare to check and fix common errors

Neptune SystemCare could help you check common PC errors like invalid/useless application registry, duplicate windows files, and cleans up system junk files to recover the computer health.

1. Run Neptune SystemCare on your computer.

2. Click PC Checkup and Fix after you get the score.

3. Restart the computer and the application and see if things work out.

Method 6 Run Disk Checker

Windows System File Checker detects and repairs the corrupted or broken system files automatically. This helps to fix 0xc00007b error sometimes.

1. Open Start menu and type cmd in the search bar. Right-click Command Prompt option and choose Run as administrator.

2. Type or copy & paste chkdsk c: /f /r and then press Enter. Follow the instruction and check if the problem is solved.

Method 6 Update Windows

Updating your operating system to the latest version can fix the bugs that cause troubles. Meanwhile, features and programs built in Windows, such as DirectX and .NET Framework, can also be updated during the process. One stone, two birds.

Open Settings and click Update & Security then you should see a button to check for updates.