The proxy server is refusing connections error messsage

“The proxy server is refusing connections” is one of the most common errors when using Firefox browser. The result of this issue is that you won’t be able to connect to the network at all even when your internet service provider(ISP), router, modem, and Wi-Fi are fine.

A proxy server is an intermediary computer between your device and the Internet, which is used to anonymize, bypass blocking sites and cache static resources. The error “The proxy server is refusing connections” occurs mainly when you have changed Firefox network configuration, or you are using some VPN service. However, this problem can also appear when your computer is attacked by malware or adware, which may have changed some internal settings. So, don’t forget to scan your computer for malware.

Then, follow the tried and tested methods below to fix the proxy server connection error.

Method 1 Check your proxy settings error

This is the basic solution even when you have not changed the settings manually before.

How to?

->Go to Menu and click the Options (or Preferences).

->In the General tab, scroll down and click the Settings button under Network Settings.

Firefox Netword Settings

->Enable No proxy and save your change. (Use system proxy settings option should be checked by default)

Firefox Proxy Server Settings

->Choose the Auto-detect proxy settings for this network option, if your network has a proxy setting and you want to take advantage of it.

Method 2 Remove proxy server from LAN

If you fail to open any webpage on any browser on your computer, then the error has something to do with LAN settings.

How to?

->Go to your computer menu search bar and search for Internet Options.

-> Go to the tab Connections and click on LAN settings button.

-> Find the option Use a proxy server for your LAN and uncheck the box. Save your option.

-> Relaunch your Firefox and other browsers. Check if the error is fixed.

Method 3 Check your VPN

Sometimes if you are using the VPN service, it could probably cause this error.

How to?

->Disable the VPN for a while and check if you can open the website or not.

->Disable the proxy server and check if it is opening or not.

Method 4 Clear browser cache

When the methods above are not working as expected, you can try to clear the cache of Firefox.

How to?

-> Go to your Firefox and open the Options > Privacy & Security.

-> Find out Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data option.

-> Choose Cookies and Site Data, Cached Web Content and hit the Clear button.

Or if you have downloaded Neptune SystemCare, you can

-> Launch the program and click “PC Checkup”

-> Click OK when it prompts to ask to delete Firefox cache.

-> Click Fix and done.

Sometimes the proxy server error can also occur due to maladjusted router IP address. Try to restart your router. 

 Hope this helps!