The support team got the email from Windows 10 computer user. It is roughly like this, “I bought my laptop with Windows 10 four months ago and only downloaded and installed some regular software. Then last month I left my computer alone about five minutes, I got a blue screen with the message of Registry_Error, and from then on, it happens every two days. How should I do to get rid of this curse?”

If you happen to face this problem, at first, you can open Windows Defender to scan the malware and viruses, and update the definition and see if it occurs again on your Windows 10 for the next 3 days. If the blue screen not happening anymore, it’s settled. If it still appears, it might be actual registry errors by improper application uninstallation and others.

The registry is a database that contains the configurations for hardware and software running on your Windows computer. Whenever you open, install or uninstall programs, its keys and values are embedded and rewritten in the registry. If the registry is not properly maintained, it can suffer errors that cause problems like the blue screen.

How to Fix Registry_Error in Windows 10

There is an inbuilt registry editor on Windows, but if you are not a trained PC professional, never try to fix the registry errors on your own. You are likely to do irreversible damage to your PC. Therefore, fixing Registry_Error in Windows 10 with registry cleaner like Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is a safer choice.

Neptune SystemCare Ultimate automatically repairs registry entries, scans and cleans invalid registry, and defrag it to make system more stable. You can use this tool to fix the problem:

1. Launch Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, find System Cleaner and then go to the left sidebar menu and choose Registry Cleaner. Click Scan button to checkup and Clean button to clean and repair the registry errors on your Windows 10.

2. Find System Tuneup and then to the left sidebar to find Registry Defrag. Click Analyze and try not to do anything during the analyzing, and then click on Defragment.

3. In case that mistakes repeat, you can backup the registry by clicking on the second icon on the top of the interface and choose to create a full registry backup.