Windows 10 is definitely the best operating system that provides the best PC performance. However, it violates your personal privacy seriously by its default settings. Microsoft collects your data to operate its business and to better sell advertisement. Data is money, anyway.

As long as you buy a new computer with Windows 10, or update your old one to Windows 10, you need a privacy protector and it is you. Actually, Microsoft does not mean to hide the fact that it is gathering information. It is said in the pages-long Terms of Service that we barely read.

You should act as a protector as soon as you get Windows 10. To stop the tracking, you need to do the following easy configuration.

Heading to Privacy Settings

->Click on the Start, Settings, and Privacy.

Here you can stop Windows 10 using your location, microphone, camera, and others. And also, you have to check the Feedback & Diagnostic usage and change the Feedback Frequency to never, and the Diagnostic Usage data to basic.

Lock Windows Lock Screen When You Leave

This can protect the information from being accessed by strangers.

->Go to Settings>System>Notifications & actions, to turn off Show notifications on the lock screen.

Stop Cortana Getting to Know You

It is afraid that Cortana is the sweetest spy on your personal data. It is designed to take advantage of as much personal information as possible to customize user experience, take annotations, and learn all about you.

->Click on the Cortana icon on the lower left of the screen

->Click the notebook icon (it's the third from the top) and click Settings. Slide from On to Off.

Do Not Create a Microsoft Account

Not creating an account will keep your activity and information local to your computer, while having an account will create a link for Microsoft to keep your personal data and gather it back to your identity.

You can delete your Microsoft account.

->Settings > Accounts > Your Account.

Also, you should notice a function Sync with devices. This could be used for connecting with beacons, which are typically used for advertising purposes.

In case you want to have a better privacy protector, do not forget to try Neptune SystemCare Ultimate. With a whole package thoughtful privacy protection, it protects you from the potential security risks. It includes Privacy Eraser to clean privacy risks, Disk Eraser to completely remove deleted files, File Shredder to prevent shredded files from being restored by overwriting their original space, and Password Generator to create a strong password.

This isn't a comprehensive security checklist, but hopefully, it provides you some idea to protect your personal privacy on Windows 10.