It’s a common complaint that the formerly shiny, new Window computer is losing its charm for just one year because of the poor performance. But you could not blame on the machine — it is just as good as what you bought a year ago. In this case, the software you installed and the ones you have uninstalled are bogging things down.

Then, the primary method of speeding up a computer is to clean it thoroughly or enlarge the volume with faster SSD or RAM added; you may have to give up a beloved program that leads to sluggish experience. To sum up, you’ll have to decide what sacrifices, money or favorite apps, in order to speed up your computer.

However, if you really hate to make choice, using a PC optimization program is the best choice. Though you can do much of what the PC optimization apps do yourself using computer’s built-in system maintenance tools (which we have introduced many of them before), that's time-consuming and it could destroy the whole system if mistakenly operation; what the computer optimization tools really being sold here is convenience, efficiency and money-saving.

Thus, here are the things to consider when you are trying to select the best program to speed up your computer:

1. Deep system scan to find out what’s slowing down the computer.

2. Basically clean junk files to release disk space and speed up system running.

3. Clean registry, fix registry errors and entries to make your PC more stable.

4. Erase your browser search history and cookies to keep your internet privacy confidential and identity anonymous.

5. Search and stop the unnecessary processes to make PC run more smoothly and optimize system setting and resources.

6. Free/Trial version is available; the cost is affordable.

8. Scheduled cleaning with as little hassle as possible.

9. Extra real-time System Protection and Monitor feature to stop unwanted applications from changing your default browser and startup settings.

10. Premium Tech Support.

PC optimization utility is the quickest, easiest way to improve its performance without swapping out any hardware. The choice is yours and you could select the one that suits your requirements accordingly.

Neptune SystemCare is an innovative and comprehensive PC optimization utility that protects your privacy and makes your PC faster and safer.

The free version of the program covers the features you need to speed up a computer with quick system scanning, one-click fix, performance monitoring and the ability to stop potential intruders like browser hijacker from the software on your computer.

All the tools of Neptune Utility are well-designed and easy-to-use. But to explore the full benefits, you'll need to invest in the software's premium edition, Neptune SystemCare Premier. A one-year license costs US$19.99 and brings with extra features including startup optimization, system protection, privacy data eraser, etc.

Neptune SystemCare’s deep scans will help lots of potential improvements that can make a tangible difference to system performance. After one-click on PC Checkup and its clear checked up results, users can make a decision about what to keep and remove.