Compared Windows 10, Window8 or Windows 7, most Windows users prefer using Windows 7 as their daily Windows operation system. However, it is a trend for many Windows computer companies to install Windows 8 or Windows 10 in advanced, if users miss or ignore the product instruction, they will probably get their new Windows device with the operation system of Windows 10 or Windows 8, which may cause lots of inconvenience if they are used to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. If you are one of these annoyed situation, don`t be annoyed so much with the tip of this article about how to change Windows 8 to Windows 7, at least look like Windows 7 including the desktop and features.

Let`s see a video first for more clearer.

Now let`s get the details of how to change windows 8 to windows 7 step by step with the expression of words.

The easiest way for you to change widows 8 to windows 7 is to get the Windows 7. If you get the Windows 8 recently, you can return your new Windows 8 to the manufacturer, the allowed return day arrange in 15- or 30-day, mostly speaking.

If you are not the new Windows 8 buyer, you need to follow the several steps to change Windows 8 to Windows 7.

Step1. You need a third party pc optimization tool and you can get lot of them with free trial on the Internet. The free classicshell is the most popular choice among Windows users, you can download and install it from the classicshell official website.

Step2. Open Start Menu Settings->select Windows 7 style. You need to ensure to check Skip Metro screen.

Step3. Active the custom theme with UXThemePatcher, when it finished, restart your Windows.

Step4. Install Custom Themes by following the route: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder on your computer. When it finished, right click your desktop and click "Personalize".

Step5. Go to Windows Aero by xxinightxxcreative to make Windows 8 looks like Windows 7.

Step6. Then use Windows 7 custom start button to set up the Windows 7 look, then set Classic Shell.