It is annoying that your computer is ridiculously slow when typing a short paragraph which takes you several minutes instead of seconds. The keyboard seems fail to keep up with your typing speed on the computer. The possible causes vary from a keystroke detecting malicious app, incorrect configuration, filter key activation, real-time protection of the antivirus software or hotkey service in the background, or the hardware issues.

Let’s go through each possibility with solution in detail.

Solution 1 | Free up System Resources

Lack of system resources is not depending on how much memory or how fast your processor is. If all the RAM is being used and the CPU is running at 100% utilization, then you’ll see lag not only if typing, but also all the computer activities are slow.

To solve this problem, Neptune SystemCare Ultimate is a simpler choice. This PC optimization utility cleans out junk files, frees up space and makes your computer with one click.

You can use this tool for three tries.

1. One PC checkup clean and release PC reources.

2. Disk Defrag

Fragments in the hard drive can also hurt your typing.

Go to System Tuneup> Disk Defrag and one click on the Defragment.

3. Clean Browser Cookies


Go to Privacy Protector>Privacy Eraser, and hit Clean button.  

Solution 2 | Disable the Filter Key

If it’s not the resource problem, Filter Keys, a Windows built-in feature, might help you to fix the slow typing response. Once activated, they make your keyboard typing slower as they actually coordinate with the OS to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes. 

Click the Start button, and select Settings. 

1. Type filter keys in the Search box from the Start menu, click on the option.


2. The new window opens Make the keyboard easier to use in the Control Panel window.

    Uncheck the Turn on Filter Keys box and click OK.  

Solution 3 | Stop ATI Hotkey Poller

ATI Hotkey Poller is a keyboard hotkey. The slow keyboard problem sometime indicates that this service is running in the background. Stop it using the Services tool as below: 

1. In the Search box, type services.msc and Enter.

2. Scroll down to find and right-click ATI Hotkey Poller service; choose Properties. 

3. Select Manual option from the Startup type drop down box.

4. Click the Stop button. Click Apply and then OK.  

Solution 4 | Others

1. If you’re using a wireless keyboard, try a keyboard that plugs in directly to the computer and see if the issue is fixed. It could be a problem with the wireless keyboard. 

2. If you’re using a laptop and getting the delay, try taking out the battery and see if the delay in typing is ok. Oddly, some people said taking the battery out fixed the issue.  

Here are some solutions to fix “PC running slow when typing” problem. Hope they can help!